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Here are a few answers to our most common questions.
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Why is Zaahn the best mattress choice?
At Zaahn, we brought together a team of world leading industry experts to help us design the Zaahn mattress. These experts have designed award-winning specialty mattresses for the last 10 years – and offer a total of 60 years combined expertise in the industry.

What became apparent is that no one mattress is perfect for everyone, since a person can be 5’ 2” and weigh 110 lbs and another can be 6’4” and weigh 250 lbs. Our physical differences and personal preferences are the basis for the Zaahn design!

 Zaahn offers each sleeper a choice of comfort, in a simple but definitive way. Zaahn ZEN for firmer, and Zaahn AAH for softer.

How does the Zaahn ZEN and the Zaahn AAH side of the mattress feel?
The Zaahn mattress has been created by industry leading experts to cater to different sleeping preferences.

The mattress offers two different options – the Zaahn ZEN side which is slightly firmer and the Zaahn AAH side which is slightly softer to accommodate most sleeping preferences and needs – and provide the best night’s sleep.

Is Zaahn as comfortable as expensive memory foam mattresses and traditional spring mattresses?
In consumer comparisons, Zaahn was overwhelmingly chosen as the consumer favorite. Even when compared to mattresses that cost thousands of dollars. All Zaahn mattresses use an advanced, faster response memory foam, so there is no sinking-in feeling or difficulty getting out of bed.

We designed Zaahn to be personal, durable, and super comfortable.

If my partner and I have different preferences how easy is it to change from the AAH “softer” side to ZEN “firmer” mattress side?
It is very easy! You simply unzip the Bamboo/Poly Zaahn ticking and flip your side (applies to Queen and King size) of the bed. For the Single mattress it is as easy as just flipping the mattress over to the opposite side.

Does the Zaahn pillow also adjust it’s firmness?
Yes, you can simply flip the pillow to the opposite side to enjoy a different sleep surface, the sides are clearly labelled on the pillow; Zaahn AAH for “softer” and Zaahn ZEN for “firmer”.

How many pieces make up a Zaahn mattress?
In Twin, Twin XL and Full sizes, there is only one mattress piece. In Queen, King and CA. King, there are two inner cores wrapped by one zip off Bamboo/Poly stretch knit ticking.

If the queen & king sized Zaahn has two inner cores, will I notice a divide?
No, the outer ticking of the mattress holds the two cores closely together, ensuring that it is seamless.

Does the Zaahn mattress heat up like some memory foams?
NO! At Zaahn we agree there is nothing better than the perfect sleep temperature. That is why the Zaahn mattress is composed using open cell memory foam that has been specifically designed not to generate heat.

It has been created to offer an ambient temperature creating the perfect environment for you to sleep in.

Do I need a special foundation or bedframe for my Zaahn?
No. Zaahn is designed to work on platform beds, wood slats, box springs and even power foundations that change position. However, if you are using an old box spring, make sure it is firm so it does not affect the integrity of your new Zaahn Mattress.

Will Zaahn fit all size beds?
Yes, the Zaahn mattress is available for and fits all standard bed sizes.

What is the Zaahn warranty?
Every Zaahn Mattress comes with a full 10-year warranty.

Where is the Zaahn mattress made?
Zaahn is manufactured in a state of the art facility using the latest foam technologies, our factory is one of the largest in the world. That is how we can offer consumers so much value.

Where can I buy the Zaahn mattress?
You can purchase the Zaahn Mattress through the SSL Secure Website. It is convenient, fast, easy…and most importantly safe.

Zaahn does not have a show room as we are confident that with our 100-night risk-free/worry free trial, you will be 100% satified with your new Zaahn mattress. With the 100 night trial, you can try out the Zaahn mattress, sheets, and pillows in the comfort of your own home – it couldn’t be more convenient.

How will my Zaahn be delivered?
Each Zaahn mattress is roll-compressed for easy delivery right to your door.

Zaahn is packaged in a tightly compressed state, so that it is easy for you to maneuver through your home – even up stairs.

Once it’s positioned on the bed, remove the packaging and your new Zaahn will expand within a few minutes. However, it can take up to 24 hours for the mattress to fully recover and provide the optimum comfort. Please note! If your mattress has been exposed to very cold temperatures during delivery, it may take a bit longer to fully recover.

How long will it take to receive my Zaahn mattress?
Your Zaahn mattress will be shipped and ready for a great nights sleep for the next business day. Once shipped the delivery could take up to a week, depending on where you live.

What if I do not love my new Zaahn mattress?
We offer you 100 nights to sleep on your new Zaahn mattress just to make sure that you are absolutely 100% satisfied.

What is the return process?
If you decide within 100 nights that your Zaahn mattress isn’t right for you, the return process is easy – simply contact us for more details.