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The Zaahn Matress
The Zaahn Mattress offers a choice of comfort for two but in one mattress:

• The only two sided memory foam mattress for under $1000.
• Firmer Zaahn ZEN side OR softer Zaahn AAH side.
• Choose the side that best suits you – simply zip and flip to find your perfect comfort!

The perfect surface for two very different sleepers.
Limited Time Offer!
Medium Dennsity Foam
Providing 6-inches of central support—totalling 10-inches of deep comfort
Open Cell Memory Foam
Constructed to create an ambient temperature—perfect enviroment for a cool, deep, sleep
VISCOSE from Bamboo Stretch Cover
“Mari is the real deal. She got me into the best shape of my life.”
Personalized Comfort
Zaahn Partner Design allows you to personalize by turning one side over

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