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A Two Sided Memory Foam Mattress That Lets You 
Choose Your Desired Level of Support
Zaahn, Because One Side Does Not Fit All!
Multiple Comfort Options In One Mattress!
Choose the Zaahn ZEN firmer 
side if you prefer more sleep support. Or, the Zaahn AAH softer side if you like a 
plusher sleep.
Personalize YOUR size of the mattress by turning just one half over. YOU can choose the firm side, and your partner can choose the softer side!

Zaahn Makes Getting a 
Great Night's Sleep Simple!
Your mattress arrives on your doorstep, free of charge, in an easy to move box.
Place the Zaahn mattress, still rolled, on any flat or slatted surface, and begin to unroll.
Gently remove the plastic outer cover. Immediately, your Zaahn mattress will begin to expand.

With Comfort Technology, it's just a "Zip and Flip" to choose the AAH side for a softer feel, or the ZEN side for a firmer sleep.
Zaahn's Innovative Partner Design lets you customize your side of the bed.
Your Zaahn mattress should be ready to sleep on within 2-5 hours. Enjoy your personalized sleep experience!

Never Wake Up on The Wrong Side of The Bed!